Ресторан в виде туалета в москве

Faecal attraction: toilet-themed Russian restaurant appeals to novelty diners World news The Guardian Sorry, your browser is unable to play this video. Alternatively to a modern browser. Eating and defecation: two parts of life most people like to keep well segregated. Not so the owners of a new Moscow cafe, where both the interiors and the food are toilet themed. Crazy Toilet Cafe opened on Friday in the Russian capital, and will ресторан в виде туалета в москве patrons to eat an array of ресторан в виде туалета в москве that can only be described as faecal-inspired, served in toilet-themed crockery. Instead of seats, there are about 50 real toilets for guests to sit on while eating. The downstairs dining area at Crazy Toilet Cafe. Photograph: Shaun Walker for the Guardian Located on Arbat Street, a touristy, pedestrianised thoroughfare lined with portrait artists, buskers ресторан в виде туалета в москве hustlers, the restaurant admits it will probably mainly draw one-time ресторан в виде туалета в москве visitors rather than repeat clients. If visitors have not lost their appetite by this point, they can finish it off with a bowl of whipped chocolate ice cream. There is no escaping the toilet theme on the drinks menu either. Even boring old green tea came served in a tiny toilet bowl, in which it took on a disturbing yellowish hue. The walls are decorated with faeces-themed cartoons, but guests who need to use the toilet for real must use one of the three cubicles at the back of the restaurant. The toilet bowls used as restaurant seating have been sealed shut to prevent any over-excitable patrons taking things a bit too far. Sausage and mash, part of the Crazy Lunch menu. After announcing a rather implausible presidential run in 2007, he was promptly arrested and given a three-year suspended sentence. After spending eight months in jail, he was released and the G-spot sex museum in Moscow. Now, he has moved on from sex to toilets. Asked whether the cafe was aimed at genuine coprophiliacs as well as those with merely a morbid curiosity, Yaroslavskaya said the doors are open to all who behave in a civilised manner. This discussion is closed for comments. You can still read comments, but please come back later to add your own. Commenting has been disabled for this account.

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